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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Information about Lingustan in question-and-answer style

• What makes you different from other schools and language institutes?

First of all, our classes are small and very small. Second, our teachers all have both a minimum bachelor’s degree (or comparable education) and a teaching certificate. Our German, Arabic, Croatian, Hungarian and Turkish teachers and trainers all teach in their native language and they all have a minimum of two years of teaching experience. Also most of our other teachers teach in their native language or at least in their first (foreign) langauge. Our teachers also speak at least three foreign languages themselves which allows them a better understanding of their students situation. Additionally, our school is located in the very centre of Bonn, next to the main building of the university. Besides, our administrative staff is very experienced, speaks many languages fluently and our quality control process and depth of services are also second to none.

• Will my lessons be in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening?

It depends on you. In order to give you a maximum on flexibility, we offer several times and schedules.

• Do I get a certificate or diploma after the course?

Yes, of course! And in addition, it's included. Should you take part in the (free) exam at the very last day of your course or one-to-one tuition (if at least 30 teaching units), you will receive a certificate which will show your achieved level of the given foreign language and the dates you studied.

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